Ice Spice Mom: The One Who Breaks the Internet as Fans Seek Answers

Ice Spice Mom

Since her recent viral debut on many social media platforms, Ice Spice Mom has garnered a great deal of attention from the general public. In an attempt to learn more about her age, real identity, and presence on Instagram, a lot of individuals have been actively searching the internet.

Fans have pointed out a remarkable resemblance between Ice Spice Mom and her daughter, despite the paucity of knowledge about the former. A photo of Ice Spice and her “baddie” mother went popular on social media in May 2023. Their striking similarity was captured in the photo, prompting many fans to remark on how beautiful they both were.

Highlight of Ice Spice

Full nameIsis Naija Gaston
NicknameIce Spice
Date of birth1 January 2000
Age23 (as of 2023)
ice spice (Father)Joseph Gaston
ice spice(Mother)Charina Almanzar
Zodiac signCapncorn
Place of birthThe Bronx, New York, IJnited States
Current residenceNew Jersey, United States

Ice Spice: Who Is It?

Ice Spice

Ice Spice is Charina Almanzar’s daughter. As an American rapper, she is well-known. After meeting record producer RiotUSA in 2021, she began her career. She became well-known in 2022 after her song “Munch (Feelin’ You)” became viral on TikTok. January 1, 2000, was her birthdate in New York City, United States. Isis Naija Gaston is her birth name.

Who is Charina Almanzar? Ice Spice Mom

American rapper Ice Spice Mom, Charina Almanzar, is well-known. However, no further details on her private life are available. Her precise birthdate and place of birth are likewise unknown. When her video of herself dancing to her daughter’s song went viral, she gained attention. At the age of 17, Charina, a Dominican, gave birth to her son Gaston while working at an auto dealership. 

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Ice Spice Mom Real Name

Ice Spice Mom Real Name 

What is the true name of Ice Spice Mom? Charina Almanzar is the true name of Ice Spice Mom. She is of Dominican heritage and works in a car dealership in New Jersey, USA. She initially became pregnant at the age of seventeen with rapper Ice Spice, and she is now a happy mother of five children.

What Is Ice Spice Mom’s Age?

The exact age of Ice Spice Mom is still unknown as of right now. The artist hasn’t yet provided more details on her mother’s age. Ice Spice did, however, previously disclose that her mother gave birth to her when she was 17 years old. Ice Spice is currently 23 years old, thus it is sense to assume that her mother is in her early 40s or around 40 years old.

Mother Ice Spice’s Nationality

It has been said that the mother of Ice Spice is from the Dominican Republic.

Mom’s Ice Spice Height

The mother of Ice Spice is around five feet two inches tall. 

At an early age, Joseph and Charina Separated.

Ice Spice's At an early age

Despite their early divorce, Ice Spice’s parents were quite close to each other while the rapper grew up in the Bronx’s Fordham Road area, according to The Cut.

A video of Ice Spice giving a tour of her neighborhood was uploaded by Apple Music. She mentioned that her mom, “abuela and ebuelo,” resided “down the block, but on the same block,” while she lived with her dad and grandmother on one side of Davidson Ave.

The rapper talked on how much she loves the Bronx and how it is “full of people from all different backgrounds.” She has previously stated that her parents are of Dominican and Nigerian heritage. 

Before relocating to her current residence in New Jersey, Ice Spice was dividing her time between her parents’ houses.

Her rap career was influenced by Joseph.

Since “he’s such a private person,” Ice Spice’s father is not well known to the general public, as the rapper stated to Variety in September 2023. She does not want to reveal his stage identity. Nevertheless, she has talked about how his career as an underground MC has impacted her.

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According to her interview with Paper Magazine, “He really inspired me to want to record.” “He definitely inspired me to want to record.” Ice Spice continued by recalling an incident from her toddler years in the studio with him.

“I remember fleeting moments,” she commented. “Certainly not every intricate detail, but those small instances presented to you during your early years leave a lasting impression.” Ice Spice described the impact as being “subconsciously” felt.

“I pursued a career in art because I witnessed my father embracing it first,” she explained. “He has a deep passion for music. I’m not entirely sure about his proficiency in hip-hop; he possesses a wealth of knowledge. He consistently imparts lessons to me about hip-hop and related subjects.”

Ice Spice reminisced with Cosmopolitan about her early years spent with her father, recalling their connection through rap as a young child. She really claimed that until she was about 19 years old, she “didn’t really hear” her father’s music.

She continued by describing how he “freestyled all the time in the house,” which at some point “inspired” her.


  • Due to her parents’ hectic activities, she spent a lot of her childhood with grandparents and cousins after they split when she was two years old.
  • 2021: Made the decision to pursue a profession in rapping after meeting record producer RiotUSA while attending the State University of New York.
  • The song “Bully Freestyle,” which was published in March 2021, was inspired by a widely shared video on Twitter featuring Ice Spice doing the “Buss It” challenge.
  • Ice Spice is a bisexual person.
  • In addition to being a rapper, she has amassed over 9 million fans on TikTok under the handle @icespicee, where she posts her musical creations.
  • Sheff G and Pop Smoke were the first to push her to begin rapping; they were inspired by fellow New Yorkers Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Remy Ma.

In conclusion

Ice Spice Mom, Charina Almanzar, has captivated social media with her mysterious identity. While fans seek answers about her age and background, the striking resemblance with her daughter, Ice Spice, adds to the intrigue. Despite limited information, Charina Almanzar’s influence on Ice Spice’s rap career is evident. As the online search continues, the enigmatic figure behind the viral sensation remains a subject of fascination for many.

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