Ariana Madix Boyfriend :Happily Ever After with Daniel Wai

Ariana Madix Boyfriend

While fans of “Vanderpump Rules” have always loved Ariana Madix, the reality star’s rise to fame was accelerated when word spread about her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval’s months-long affair with their friend Raquel Leviss.

The drama surrounding their relationship, which came to be known as Scandoval, started in early March when TMZ revealed that Madix had broken up with Sandoval after finding out he was having an affair. Madix has received an abundance of public support, brand deals, merchandise sales, and a new boyfriend in the months that have passed.

This is all the information we have about Ariana Madix boyfriend’s connection to Daniel Wai.

Daniel Wai: Who is he?

As per Wai’s LinkedIn profile, he studied computer science at Virginia Tech, added a business minor, and took a secondary degree in the subject. His graduation was in 2005.

Before opting to take the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) exam and become a certified personal trainer, he worked for a few consulting firms. He then decided to pursue personal training full-time.

Employment: Daniel Wai

Daniel Wai

Ariana Madix Boyfriend Wai pursued a career in consulting after earning his college degree, working with Fortune 500 companies among his clientele. But his fitness mentality caused him to turn his attention to the gym, and in the end, he started doing double duty as a part-time trainer before and after his nine to five job.

As per Wai’s website, part of his consulting work involved him traveling across the nation for extended periods to attend to the needs of his clients. Following several years of that arduous task, he “made an executive decision” to carry on with his consulting work, albeit from his New York City residence.

Wai claimed that the consulting job was “neither fulfilling nor inspiring” in contrast to the training job he took on the side, despite the shift in work environment and schedule.

Which city does Daniel Wai hail from?

Madiana Ariana Wai, his boyfriend, resides in the city of New York. He enrolled in a college, but it’s unclear which one he attended. He studied math, business, and computer science.

Wai combined his love of physical fitness with his academic load to earn his degree by taking boxing classes and weight training. On his personal website, he stated, “Logic was pointing me towards full time employment in a corporation, even though my passion was driving me towards physical fitness.”

When he was thirteen, he developed an interest in physical health.

Marea Madix

Marea Madix boyfriend Wai’s passion for Ariana Fitness didn’t begin with her boyfriend Madix during their college days. Around the age of thirteen, he developed an interest in ‘physical health and conditioning.He experienced self-doubt about his power and stature, just like many teenagers do. As a result, he made the decision to incorporate physical exercise and health into his routine, which, according on his website, has improved his life significantly ever since.

How did Ariana Madix meet her new boyfriend Daniel Wai?

At Coachella, Ariana and Daniel were first observed together. Naturally, fans had questions when the Vanderpump Rules cast member shared pictures of her festival plus one. 

Fortunately, Scheana Shay, Ariana’s close friend, had some crucial information to impart on April 19 during her appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Scheana claimed to have “loved” Daniel while attending Coachella with the pair. 

In an interview that she did for WWHL on May 17, Ariana talked about her recent romance.

“I am really happy and satisfied,” Ariana remarked slyly to host Andy Cohen.

What is the current state of Daniel Wai and Ariana Madix boyfriend relationship?

Ariana Madix boyfriend relationship

Despite their long distance relationship, Ariana revealed to Us Weekly in October 2023 that she and Daniel are in an exclusive relationship.

Notwithstanding, she mentioned that he has been traveling to Los Angeles to witness her Dancing with the Stars competition.

“He devotes his sleep and time to support me in whatever I need. Later, he takes a late-night flight back and goes straight to work,” she revealed to Us Weekly.

“When I come back from the show and find everything organized with the meals he prepared in the fridge, it’s genuinely heartening in a world where so many people struggle to convey their 

She has, however, stated that she is still adamant about never wanting to get married. 

When asked in October by Access Hollywood whether Daniel may be “the one” or whether she’s just having fun right now, Ariana shrugged. “I don’t know,” she said to the newspaper. “I believe none of those things are pertinent in the world . It’s a completely different encounter.”

When she appeared on Scheananigans in August, she admitted to Scheana that she had no idea what was in store for them in the future. 

Early in May, Wai celebrated his birthday with Madix.

It seems like things have become considerably worse. Since their affair started, Madix and Wai have been having a bicoastal relationship. Despite being headquartered in Los Angeles, Madix has made many trips to New York City for press appearances and to spend time with Wai, as seen by their Instagram activity together.

On May 5, Wai shared another Instagram clip in which she thanked Madix for organizing his birthday celebration in New York. Together, the two went to a New York Yankees game and had supper with friends to celebrate their birthday.

People was informed the same month by a source that Madix has “been telling people in her circle that she’s falling in love” with Wai.

“It’s progressing faster than she expected, but he treats her with kindness, they’re having a great time, and she’s thrilled to start this next chapter with such an incredible guy,” disclosed a well-informed source to People.

In conclusion

Ariana Madix Boyfriend journey from a publicized breakup to newfound love with Ariana Madix Boyfriend Daniel Wai has captivated fans. Wai’s transition from a successful consulting career to a passionate personal trainer mirrors his commitment to fitness since age 13. Their relationship, marked by long-distance efforts and thoughtful gestures, signals a deeper connection. As Madix navigates the unpredictability of the future, her evolving romance with Wai suggests a promising chapter, leaving fans intrigued and supportive of this unexpected love story.


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