Soujiyi : A Closer Look at International Trade Solutions

Soujiyi : A Closer Look at International Trade Solutions

Soujiyi, an international trade solution by Chongqing Huifa Network Technology, offering cross border ecommerce and data software. 

Soujiyi Unveiled: A Deep Dive into Cross-Border Commerce Solutions

We can all agree that there is a great deal of progress around us as a result of the next technological era, including interconnection. For many groups of individuals, this global connectedness has produced a multitude of economic and growth prospects. Finding methods to do the same for ourselves is all that is required of us in order to make the most of everything else. Thus, we are going to talk about Soujiyi to let you know about one such gateway that allows you to trade globally. Therefore, read this blog through to the very end if you want to learn every little detail there is to know about the platform and everything it has to offer.

Know About Soujiyi

Soujiyi is a specialized web-based platform owned and developed by Chongqing Huifa Network Technology Co. Ltd. The company is situated at Hengda Zhongyu Plaza in Chongqing’s Yubei District. Their specialty is facilitating global trade, particularly cross-border e-commerce. Additionally, they have been offering consumers a variety of data software options to easily activate these services. Furthermore, since its founding, the organization has been well regarded for the steadfast effort it has put into offering its services. broadening their horizons and doing business internationally for various partners and customers. 

Feature Of Soujiyi

Soujiyi has distinguished itself from all of its competitors by more than simply its offerings. Their other items, though, make them stand out. By reading the information supplied below, you may find out more about their other offers.

  • Blogs: The platform features a specific blog area were they discuss various issues connected to their service and hot rade. This not only makes their website educational but also meets the audience’s various wants. In addition, they have put a lot of effort into creating their area by incorporating a variety of information sets. 
  • Community: Tier audiences and consumers may now participate in a dedicated community that they have made available. By doing this, users may locate individuals who share their interests in addition to learning more about other Serval partners and clients. 
  • Friendly Interface: One of the nicest things about utilizing this website is that it has an easy to use interface that makes navigation simple. Additionally, they have offered in-depth blogs that are simple to understand. 
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Process To Sign Up At Soujiyi

Process To Sign Up At Soujiyi

You must finish the registration procedure if you want to use the products and services that Soujiyi offers. You can register on this platform by following the instructions listed above.

  • The first step is to open “Browser” on your device of choice. 
  • When the browser opens, you have to utilize the search box to find Soujiyi
  • When the result appears on the dashboard, tap the official website.
  • On the platform’s site, click the “Sign Up” button .
  • On the screen that prompts you, enter your login credentials, password, PIN code, country code, and mobile number. 
  • Once you’re certain that all of your login information is accurate, click “Register” to continue. 
  • Finally, your Soujiyi account will be successfully created and operational. 

Note: If you are unable to visit the official page, we advise using any trustworthy VPN. 

Process To Complete Soujiyi Login

You need to complete the Soujiyi Login procedure in order to access your account after creating one. You may simply accomplish the same by following the instructions shown below.

  • Navigating the official website on any device requires opening a “Browser.”
  • Tap the result with the link to the face website from the SERPs that show.
  • Select “login” from the “Menu Bar” button on the platform’s main dashboard. 
  • Next, on the screen that prompts you, enter the country code and your cellphone number in the designated input fields. 
  • You may quickly finish the Soujiyi Login process if you can verify your number. 

Various Products Offered By Soujiyi

Soujiyi offers a variety of items to meet the needs and preferences of its diverse clientele. To provide you a quick introduction, we have discussed some of the best and most well-liked Soujiyi items.

  • Email Finder: This platform solution will make it simple for you to find every customer email, minute by minute. This will make it easier for you to comprehend consumer comments and requirements. 
  • Email Campaigns: With the aid of Email Campaign tools, you can set up any email campaign with ease. It gets rid of the laborious and intimidating procedure so you can do the work quickly.. 
  • CRM for Sales: Soujiyi CRM This is done really well and stands for Customer Relationship Management. With the real-time data you obtain, you can comprehend the preferences of your clientele.
  • Data Subscription: The platform’s artificial intelligence gathers and processes data from various sources. After analysis, these gathered data are confirmed and sent to the clients, ensuring smooth operation. 
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Pricing Structure Of Soujiyi 

If you want to use Soujiyi’s services and goods, you need to know how much they charge. As a result, we’ve included a comprehensive price structure for both individual and business pricing. 

Personal Payment Enterprise Payment
Free Standard Version at 3680/year
Standard Version at 6980/year Premium Version at 6980/year
Single Version at 1998/year Ultimate Version at 9980/year  


We have made a concerted effort to make this blog educational for you by attempting to provide all of the fundamental information about Soujiyi. As a result, after reading the material supplied, you will understand more about the items the platform offers, how to join up, and other topics. You’ll be able to learn a significant quantity of knowledge. Thus, this may be a terrific chance for you to start your international or essay worldwide trade.

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