Meesho Supplier Panel : Guide to Meesho Panel and Its Benefits

The Supplier Panel, developed by Meesho, a social commerce startup, is intended to improve the operational effectiveness of Indian companies. Businesses may easily interact with suppliers, evaluate costs, and get bids for a range of goods and services using the Meesho Panel. This marks a significant advancement for Indian enterprises, providing them with an expanded network of suppliers and empowering them to negotiate more favorable prices. The admin panel meesho also serves as a valuable tool for discovering new suppliers and facilitating business expansion.

Meesho Supplier Panel: An Overview

Meesho stands as one of India’s premier e-commerce platforms, accommodating a vast network of over 1 million suppliers. The platform has excelled in crafting an optimal e-commerce experience tailored to the Indian market, offering a diverse array of categories for customers and ensuring seamless usability for suppliers. Meesho’s user-friendly panel, streamlined logistics, comprehensive data visibility, and a broad customer base have collectively propelled it into popularity among small and medium-sized businesses.

Documents Required To Sell Meesho Supplier Panel

  • Active Bank Account details with the same GSTIN number
  • Mobile Number & Email ID for registration
  • Valid GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number)

Meesho Supplier Panel Registration

  • Establish your account: Proceed to the meesho supplier panel, provide your email address and phone number, and choose a password in order to create an account. Next, provide your bank information, supplier information, pick-up address, and GST data. You will join the Meesho supplier community following a quick verification process.
  • Meesho Supplier Panel: After registration process, you will have access to the Meesho Supplier Panel. Log in to the Meesho admin page and start selling on the Meesho supplier panel. This covers listing your goods, managing inventories, fulfilling orders, and keeping an eye on payments. 
  • Upload Product Catalog: Meesho allows suppliers to upload catalogs in bulk or one at a time. Seventy-two hours after the upload time, the product catalog goes live. You can’t post product photographs to a catalog unless you’ve selected a category. To give clients a better idea of what your product is like, it is advised that you add several photographs. You will need to provide details for every product, including price and GST. To improve your chances of getting an order, it is advised that your catalog have three or four products at minimum. For better visibility, it is also advised to upload at least 5-7 catalogs throughout the first few days. It is recommended that suppliers examine the legal and policies section of the Supplier Panel to ensure that their products adhere to meesho panel policies.
  • Delivery and Shipping: Meesho takes care of all the arrangements on your behalf. All that will be required of you as a supplier is to accept the order, package, and label the product. Meesho also provides an eligible catalog with a next-day dispatch program that can boost sales.
  • Payments: Meesho accepts payments via online and cash on delivery methods. Your bank account is immediately and securely credited with the payment. The meesho panel, including Cash on Delivery orders, has a 7-day payment cycle after order delivery. On the Meesho Supplier Panel, you can see the amount you have deposited and any upcoming payments.

Reset The Password For Meesho Supplier Panel?

To initiate a password reset for your Meesho Supplier account, adhere to these instructions:

  • Click this to view the Meesho Supplier Panel: Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the official Meesho Supplier Panel login page.
  • Retrieve Password: To proceed, find and select the “Reset Password” or “Forgot Password” link.
  • Forward an email: When providing the email address connected to your account, make sure it corresponds to the one you used to sign up for the Meesho Supplier Panel
  • Reset Details: Meesho will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password after you provide your email. Examine your inbox for emails and, if needed, the spam or trash folders.
  • Take Note of the Given Link: To reset your password, look for and click the given link within the email.
  • Create a New Password: After being redirected, you can change the password for your Meesho Supplier account on this page. Select a strong, safe password.
  • Verify the updated password: To confirm, enter the newly formed password once more.
  • Save Changes: Make sure the new password is correct before committing to it.

Popular Categories Sold On Meesho Supplier Panel

  • Wear Ethnic: Messsho also gives ethnic clothing, which includes sarees, lehenga cholis, and salwar suits, among other items. Because they are fairly priced, women of various ages like them. 
  • Western Fashion: Meesho has a large assortment of skirts, shirts, jeans, and other things in the Western style. Teenage girls love these fashionable yet affordable ensembles.
  • Household & Kitchen: This category is likewise highly favored by the Meesho panel. Among its subcategories are tableware, culinary appliances for the kitchen, upholstery, ornamental showpieces, and more.
  • Electronics Accessories: This group contains, among other things, grooming supplies, smartwatches, phone accessories, and home appliances. Young people who are interested in the newest gadgets and technology usually frequent this location.

Why Become A Meesho Supplier Panel?

  • 0% commission: Because Meesho does not charge sales fees, it is the most profitable online marketplace for suppliers. Because Meesho was the first platform in India to provide 0% commission, many suppliers chose it.
  • There are no fixed or collection fees: Many online marketplaces charge a collection fee on every provider sale. Meesho, on the other hand, does not impose a collection fee, and the provider receives the entire amount of sales revenues. Meesho has no fees for payment gateway or cash on delivery orders.
  • Simple Registration approach: Because to Meesho’s simple registration approach, registering as a supplier takes about five minutes. All you need is an active bank account and a GSTIN. Meesho does not impose a meesho supplier panel registration fee, thus anybody may sign up as a provider for free..
  • No penalty for RTOs: Meesho will not charge a return shipping cost for any RTO. The shipping partner will make three attempts to contact the consumer. If the consumer does not accept the product, it will be returned to you without penalty. Supplier cancellations or auto-cancellations are not subject to fines at Meesho. Suppliers can conduct business on Meesho without fear of fines if they are unable to fulfill an order due to a shortage of inventory or another unforeseen event.
  • Advertising is inexpensive: A minimum of Rs. 300 is required to establish an advertising campaign on Meesho, which is substantially cheaper than the cost of advertising on other online marketplaces. Your catalogs will display at the top of all discovery pages when you publish an ad on Meesho, making them exposed to millions of buyers searching for or browsing comparable items.
  • Low Shipping expenses: With only 18% GST added to the shipping expenses, Meesho’s shipping service allows you to focus on sales while they manage shipment and delivery. Suppliers may offer their items to millions of Meesho clients, schedule delivery with tens of thousands of local courier businesses, and establish their own pricing.


Selling on a meesho supplier panel login india is a wonderful approach for suppliers to reach a broader audience and grow their companies in the long run. Suppliers may open up totally new markets and boost more sales by using Meesho’s extensive reach. One of the key benefits of meesho | supplier panel is the ability to centrally manage pricing, offers, discounts, and product information. This facilitates accessing the intended audience, boosting sales, and rapidly and simply customizing campaigns. Furthermore, it saves the time and resources required to organize and manage offline storefronts, allowing merchants to focus their efforts on product development and customer support. All of these variables work together to make selling on meesho | supplier panel an effective and profitable business option for existing and prospective suppliers.


How can I get paid for my Meesho sales?

On the seventh day after the purchase is finalized, you will be paid straight into your bank account for your Meesho sales.

What is Meesho’s return policy?

All items sold on the admin panel meesho platform have a 15-day return policy.

Can I transport things to Meesho using my own courier service?

Yes, you may transport things to Meesho using your own courier service.

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