TikTok Trend: ‘I Woke Up In A New Bugatti lyrics’ Meme Takes Over with Challenges and Creative Reels 

I Woke Up In A New Bugatti lyrics

The TikTok audio “I Woke Up In A New Bugatti Meme” is a distorted rendition of the chorus of the Ace Hood song “Bugatti.”

The audio was added to the platform at the end of June 2022.

TikTok has emerged as a popular platform for mobile videographers looking to exhibit their skills through brief, impromptu, and captivating videos. It takes a few minutes for your material to go viral on social media sites.

The audio snippet of the 2013 top-charting hit by Hustle Hard is a recent trend on the video platform.

Who Sings I Woke Up In A New Bugatti?

Ace Hood, an American rapper, is the author of the lyrics of “i woke up in a new bugatti meme“. The song is among the artist’s most popular singles.

On January 29, 2013, Hood’s single was made available. On the hip-hop artist’s official YouTube channel, it has received over 300 million views. Other American rappers Rick Ross and Future are featured in the song.

People began searching for the artist behind the popular audio after the song’s chorus went viral on “i woke up in a new bugatti tiktok”…. The stage name Antoine Franklin McColister is most associated with his hometown of Port St. Lucie, Florida.

The 34 year old artist played football at Deerfield Beach High School during his senior year. Following an injury sustained during play, he made the decision to pursue a career as a rapper. He began marketing himself at open mics and talent events like “i woke up in a new bugatti bass boosted”.

Gutta (2008), Ruthless (2009), Blood, Sweat & Tears (2011), and Mr. Hood (2020) are a few of his albums.

“I Woke Up In A New Bugatti lyrics” Phrase meaning 

The idea conveyed by the “I Woke Up In A New Bugatti TikTok” craze is very different from the meaning the musician attempts to convey in his song.

Ace Hood’s 2013 song’s chorus is the audio track that has gone viral.

What then is the chorus’s meaning? Does Ace own the car?

The automobile Ace referenced in his song is not his. The chorus line guaranteed triumph in the morning for him. He acknowledges in an interview that he does not own that specific car model.

Hood’s song alludes to a fast car that is renowned for its exquisite style and attractiveness.  “The record just came together one day when I was working in the studio,” the hip-hop musician stated.

In his opinion, musicians can experience ups and downs in the music business and then rise to fame the next day. That’s what he understood the viral phrase to mean.

His intention when writing the “i woke up in a new bugatti lyrics” was to inspire others by showing them that they may pursue their own goals. In the song, he aimed to convey that message.

However, the chorus became a meme with the users of the video platform attaching significance to it. Some folks expressed that having a car is out of their league by using their sense of humor. To create humorous movies, they employ different vehicles.

However, others liked the trend of the song’s rapid leg pullout. Some created videos with viral audio by utilizing scenes from the 2010 animated feature Despicable Me like “i woke up in a new bugatti earrape”.

Trending Challenge

The zoom challenge on Ace Hood’s viral audio was extremely popular. The task consists of a compilation of spoof videos in which people or animals are abruptly cut out of the picture.

Both adults and children are following the trend. People attempt the pull-out in the original while Mickey by Lil Yachty plays in the background.

Following the remaking of the reel by youthful content creators using Hood’s 2013 number featuring Future and Rick Ross, the habit of being pulled by their legs out of the frame and zooming off camera took a turn.

With a different background song, the trend-following video went viral. The content creator’s reel, under the user ID @hiiamnylah, was adored by over 3.5 million individuals. 30.8K people are following the person on the platform.

A lot of users of video-sharing apps relished the new task. Their amusing response swamped the comment area. I felt like she slammed her head, one user said, while another said, “HELP THIS IS SO FUNNY.”

Following that, people started to conceive of ways to reproduce the material. A content maker utilized the audio track to produce a video that featured a school staffer driving a cleaning vehicle around the hallways. He handles the car as if it were the one that the song mentions. 

The following list includes the usernames of the most popular and watched videos on the trend: 

  1. User @notethanjancoms With 10.7 Million Likes

When young people who were using video-sharing apps became creative and exploited viral audio clips, the trend took off. On March 23, Ethan made a reel in which he said, “What’s one of these things, hello?” while holding a yellow microphone-like device. The audio clips then begin. 

A supporter said, “I was scared of them coming out.” Another commenter said, “We listen to this song when we practice basketball.” 

  1. User @ pip.the.labrador With 12.6 Million Views

On April 6, a different user uploaded a reel. She captured her young one strolling alongside the shoreline when the young one was abruptly pulled out of the picture by a dog.  

  1. User @fvbeha With 8.7 Million Views

With the trend, Fabeha, a TikTok user, tried something different. She turned on a rotating device and let her pet hamsters run around on it. Her fans remarked on how adorable they appeared. 

“They are running for their lives,” was written in one of the comments. “Oh Priest, I found a new alternative energy,” another person said.

In conclusion

The ‘I Woke Up In A New Bugatti TikTok” trend has taken social media by storm, with users creatively engaging in challenges and humorous reels. Originating from Ace Hood’s 2013 song, the meme’s meaning diverges from the artist’s intent, symbolizing success. The trend’s Zoom challenge, led by creative content creators, garnered millions of views, showcasing the platform’s dynamic and entertaining nature.


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